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Bee Check Up

As we start to get ready for the last few days of the school year, the Juniors have been busy bees making sure our latest additions are all in good shape. With the help from David, the ever-knowledgeable bee man, our Junior Apiarists performed a health check on our hive.


Last week, we saw a swarm of bees in the trees by the playground and after much discussion with David, we realised that they were OUR BEES!! But do not worry, it is very common when a hive gets too cramped, some of the bees leave the hive along with the queen. In preparation, the queen bee lays several larvae that will hatch into queens themselves (but only one will survive!). During the health check, Mr Layhe-Humphreys and David were able to identify our new queen (name pending) and to see that our hive is thriving in the school grounds. 
We hope our new queen settles in well to the hive and wish BEE-yonce (our former queen) luck on her new adventure.