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Physical Education



The 2014 National Curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all children:

develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

are physically active for sustained periods of time

engage in competitive sports and activities

lead healthy, active lives



We intend for our children to be healthy and balanced in body and mind. They will develop knowledge of what constitutes good health, through an understanding of good and bad life choices.  We intend for children to be physically active and find areas they enjoy through a wide range of opportunities. Through the development and understanding of body image, we aim to support our children to become confident and happy individuals. We intend that our children will develop an understanding of competition and how this can be constructive and destructive.




Children explore PE through a wide range of sporting and physical areas.  This exploration is implemented with a range of sources, technologies, visits, competitions and workshops that enhance the development of knowledge and skill. Our curriculum is planned as such that it provides our children with regular opportunities to revise and revisit their learning and skills. Lessons are both theoretical and practical, with a range of individual and team activities. They present their knowledge and skill in a variety of ways, both teacher and child-led.




Children of MBHT leave school with the skills and knowledge needed to lead a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. They make informed choices that can impact themselves and their future. We endeavour to instil a passion and spark an interest in a sport for children to pursue different avenues in their future with a well-informed knowledgeable understanding of a range of possibilities.