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2021-2022 MBHT Term Dates:


Autumn term 1:
* INSET day - Wednesday 1st September
* Start - Thursday 2nd September
* Finish - Thursday 21st October
* INSET day - Friday 22nd October

Autumn term 2:
* Start - Monday 1st November
* Finish - Tuesday 21st December
(Wed 22nd / Thurs 23rd both holidays, one being instead of 1st Sept and the other for the Queen's Jubilee)

Spring term 1:
* Start - Monday 10th January
* Finish - Thursday 17th February
* INSET day - Friday 18th February

Spring term 2:
* Start - Monday 28th February
* Finish - Friday 8th April

Summer term 1:
* Start - Monday 25th April
* Finish - Friday 27th May

Summer term 2:
* INSET day - Monday 6th June
* Start - Tuesday 7th June
* Finish - Friday 22nd July

PLEASE NOTE: There is one more INSET day to be booked later in the year

The following forms have been created for you to complete electronically:


*Permission form for the administration of medicine in school. Please click on this link...



*Parental Permission form for general school (including photographs etc). Please click on this link...



*Holiday request form (also to be used for any other request for leave of absence, including weddings and funerals etc). Please click on this link...