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Collective worship

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an important part of our school life; it is at the heart of our school!  We come together each day in many different formats, to think, listen, speak, reflect, sing, laugh, celebrate and wonder at our world. 


We enjoy sharing this time with lots of different people too; Reverend Nick (from Holy Trinity Church) leads our Worship each Thursday in Church at 9am, our teachers take their turn, we also enjoy joining in with 'Open the Book' group and helping to tell stories whilst wearing costumes and using props! It's always great fun when Mr Tinker comes in too!


Our Church Council are very active in and around our Worship times and help to lead various parts as well as planning the ideas and content to fit their chosen themes for each half term.


The themes we focus on are based around the Christian Values which we can all relate to, whether we have a faith or not.  


We have 12 values: 














What is our theme this half term?


Our final half term of the school year has already arrived! We talked about what would be important as we think about the changes that are to happen soon; year 6 moving in to bigger places; year 2 becoming Juniors; new reception children beginning their visits to our school and maybe a new teacher for some too!  We therefore, though the focus for this half term should be....FRIENDSHIP!  


What is friendship all about?


  • What does friendship mean?
  • Are you friendly? Are you a good friend?
  • When do you try to be a good friend?
  • How can you help others in your friendships?
  • What does Jesus and the Bible say about friendship?
  • How was Jesus friendly?
  • Do we need a faith to help us in our friendships?
Click on the link below to see our church council team in action! (Introducing our value 20/11/18)

Michael J Tinker and the Topsy Turvey Kingdom

Still image for this video
Every couple of months, Michael and Mr Grumpy return to visit us with more tales from the Topsy Turvey Kingdom and some awesome songs that encapture the message we learn about! The children and staff always enjoy these special Collective Worships!

We really enjoy hearing and performing Bible stories with Open the Book in Collective Worship. Can you tell which one this is?

We started to look st our school aims, visions and values during Collective Worship today and thinking about what they mean to us. We shared thoughts and ideas and began to make some changes!

The Nativity with 'Open the Book'!

Experience Journeys: Christmas. A morning of stories, making, thinking, reflecting and togetherness in church, 1st December 2016.

July 2016 - After a year of our new style Collective Worship, we have been seeking thoughts from the children on our next steps. Take a look at us busily working together and discussing our ideas in our family groups.