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At MBHT, we want all our children to be prepared for life in their ever-changing world, ‘physically’, ‘mentally’ and ‘digitally’; to succeed in their individual futures by developing their skills and knowledge; and to enable them to make a full and valued contribution to their community and beyond.


We want our children at MBHT to enjoy life in all its fullness by providing them with rich and varied learning experiences, rooted in faith, hope and love; to develop their confidence to be able to think and speak for themselves; to stand up for what is right and act on what is wrong; and to be the best version of themselves.  Our Christian Values are an integral part of our curriculum and are at the heart of what we offer.


Our curriculum is planned around the National Curriculum to enable all our children to shine; it is broad and enriched to ensure every child achieves success. We plan around topics for a thematic approach to make learning more meaningful and to allow children to make links between subjects and knowledge.  We have a three-year cycle for our Infants and a four-year cycle for our Juniors, meaning knowledge is revisited and built on within the class as well as across the school.  We value the contributions every child makes to our school and encourage them to ask questions and develop an enquiring mind in all areas of the curriculum.

We intend that all our children will know and understand how to keep safe; they will know and understand the importance of being kind and respectful; they will know that life is a journey of continuous learning; and they will know and understand the guidelines that are in place to help them to make good choices. Our high expectations of behaviour, interpersonal relationships, respect and tolerance of others reflect the British Values upheld in both our community and the wider world.


Our children will know that they, and their contributions, are valued, special and loved.