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Infants (21-22)

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😁Willow Class!😁

We are a great class of 21 children, with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 working and learning together each day.  Mrs Bors is our class teacher, supported by Mrs Tannahill and Miss Parkin. Take a look at all we get up to - it's busy and full of fun! 


Spring Term 1


This half term our topic is the Time Machine. We are learning all about the history of flight, the explorer Amelia Earheart and The Wright Brothers.

Autumn Term 2


This half term our topic is `Sparkle and Shine` and we will be learning all about different celebrations and festivals including Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. In History we will also be learning about the gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes. We have also had our own mini bonfire and the children were encouraged to describe the bonfire using their senses. 

Diwa Lamps


Willow class took pride in making Diwa Lamps from clay that were decorated afterwards to celebrate Diwali. The children then took the finished lamps into our Collective Worship and lit them one by one. What a special moment it was!



Every Friday afternoon children are very fortunate to take part in different enrichment activities. They normally choose them with their teacher and this half term they have decided to do Hama beads and bracelets made from recyclable paper. Lots of fun!




In Science we have been learning all about the weather changes, deciduous and evergreen trees. We went outside to explore and to identify lots of different trees in our super grounds. 

Autumn Term 1


This half term we have been learning about Fairy tale Food. We have had a mysterious visit from a naughty Gingerbread Man who left the Willow Class in havoc!

We baked some gingerbread men. Delicious!

Laurence playing his first Tag Rugby match! Well done, Laurence!

Matlock Rugby Club are always looking for new girls and boys age 5-11 to join in with mini rugby. They meet every Sunday at 10am at Cromford Meadows.  If you fancy something new, why not give it a try?! (see what I did there?!) 


Team photo shared with permission :)