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The 2014 National Curriculum for English aims to ensure that all children:

Read easily, fluently and with a good understanding

Acquire a wide vocabulary

Write clearly, accurately and coherently

Use discussion in order to learn



We intend for our children to develop as fluent, coherent and competent readers, writers and speakers, which enables them to develop an appreciation for the English language. Through the development of knowledge, acquisition of vocabulary and being exposed to a range of material, children will be able to communicate effectively spiritually, emotionally, culturally, intellectually and socially in everyday life.  We intend for our children to appreciate all that English offers to provide opportunities to develop their personal strengths and interests.


Children explore English through a wide range of topics and hands-on opportunities. This exploration is implemented with a range of pedagogical approaches, resources, media, visits, workshops and virtual experiences that enhance the development of knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is planned as such that it provides our children with regular opportunities to revise and revisit the range of skills within English. Children begin their journey by embedding the fundamental understanding of speaking and listening and phonics which develops them into coherent writers and competent readers. They present their knowledge in a variety of ways, and through a variety of other curriculum areas, both teacher and child-led.  At MBHT we use the pedagogical approach around vocabulary based on ‘The Write Stuff’ and ‘Hooked on Books’ as the basic skeleton of our teaching. Children write both supported and independently to develop a positive and resilient attitude to lifelong learning.


Children of MBHT leave school as effective communicators, who are capable of thinking and speaking for themselves.  They are competent individuals with a knowledge and curiosity of the English language and how this is relevant in the world around them. They are equipped with relevant life skills to be fluent, coherent and competent readers, writers and speakers. Children are resilient learners with an enthusiasm to share their ideas and showcase their talents. This is then a platform for children to explore their future with a fundamental understanding of the power of English and the knowledge to utilise this to their advantage.  Children will leave with a voice to be heard and the confidence to use it.