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Juniors (21-22)

In our Junior's class, we have 24 wonderful children in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. These enthusiastic, amazing children are taught by Miss Rouke and Mr Ray. Keep checking out our page to see the fun things we get up to in our class. You will see wonderful examples of how the children are compassionate, demonstrate perseverance and support their community, as well as, the amazing learning that they do! 




This half term, we will be learning about the historical event






We will also be learning about 

Will it float?


To kick start our topic of The Titanic, the Juniors were given the task of building their own boats. In groups, they had to work together to construct a boat using only glue, paper and scissors. It was tricky but they all rose to the challenge and manage to create some amazing crafts. Then we tested them in the sink to see how many passengers (cubes) they would hold.



On 7th and 8th of September, Year 4,5 and 6 had the opportunity to undertake their Bikeability training. During the two days, the pupils learned how to ride their bikes safely, signal when turning and how to use junctions while riding on the road. All of the Juniors that took part did an amazing job as always and managed to complete both their Level 1 and 2 Bikeabilty training.