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Juniors (20-21)

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In our class, we have 24 enthusiastic, wonderful and kind children who are taught by Miss Rouke; Mr Ray and Mr Swain.

 We have a 'can-do' attitude, which means that we are always trying our best to be the best version of ourselves in everything we do. We are learning how important it is to tackle challenges with a positive mindset by using our school values in everything we do!

Keep looking at our page regularly to see the fun learning we get up to in the Juniors.


Leaver's 2021 Part 1

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Leaver's 2021 Part 2

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Leaver's 2021 Part 3

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Sport's Day


Sport's Day this year had a different kind of vibe but that didn't stop the Juniors from having an amazing time competing against each other. Three teams of Juniors competed head to head to take the crown of Sport's Day Champions. 


It was all to play for between The Fighting Potatoes, Dino Nuggets and The 5 Bakkers as they ran, jumped, threw and relayed through the morning. It was intense and all the children worked hard to win points for their teams. 


To round the events off, each year group competed in relay race between each other.

Congratulations to The Fighting Potatoes for being victorious and being crowned:


Junior Sport's Day Champions 2021




















This half term, we will be learning all about mountains and what the Mountain Rescue teams do! This will include learning about famous mountain ranges around the world; how a mountain forms; famous mountaineers and much more! We will also be learning about fossils; how they form; different types of rock and the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning.

In R.E. this half term, we will be learning about why Christians worship in a church. We will also be learning about ourselves and the changes that happen to our body as we grow - this will include Sex Education for Year 5 and 6.

We have celebrated World Earth Day by thinking about what we can do as individuals to make a difference to our planet. Take a look at the great artwork that we have produced to show our commitments to our planet. The children's passion for saving the planet and animals is truly inspirational and heart-warming - Greta would be proud! 


This half term, we will be learning all about Ancient Greece! 

We will be covering lots, including:

  • Who were they?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Why were they famous?
  • Who were their gods and goddesses?
  • Did they have any famous battles?
  • Why did they create the Olympics?



Our class read to start off this half term will be:


A thrilling mix of Sherlock Holmes and Ancient Greece from bestselling author Saviour Pirotta, with stunning illustrations from up-and-coming illustrator Freya Hartas. This exciting adventure will have us gripped from start to finish.



Keep checking out our class page to see the fun work we will be doing!




We have been learning about the main religions in groups and then presented them to the class. 

Everyone learned something new and we created an amazing display. Well done to everyone for their amazing effort and focus in these lessons. 

🌟We've been making some fab Easter cards to celebrate the Easter story!🌟

World Book Day!

We had a great first day back celebrating world book day! 

We have all designed our own bookmarks to enter a competition for the bookmark to be created for anyone to buy! Six entries could go forward to be shortlisted and we will hear the results in April!


Take a look at our entries below laugh

Our Current book:

The Land of ROAR!

Spring 2 


The Toe Bone is Connected to the... 

Welcome back after lockdown!

This half term's topic is focusing on learning all about the body and how important (and amazing) the skeleton and muscles are. We will learn about how they work and how to correctly fuel our bodies to make sure that our skeletons and muscles can do their jobs well! 

Spring 1

 The Ruthless Romans


This half term we are looking at the Romans. We will be looking at some of the famous buildings and people that helped make the Roman Empire so historic, as well as how we came to use the numbers that the Romans created. We will delve into what life was like in the Roman era; looking at clothing, society and the might of the Roman Army, in particular when they invaded Ancient Britain to conquer the tribes.



In Science, we will be learning all about the water cycle, including the three states of water and how these change at different temperatures. During our work on the water cycle, we will gain the knowledge of how to read a thermometer and be able to compare objects based upon their properties.



Our VR Worlds


In our current class book "The Dog who saved the World by Ross Welford", the main character gets to test out a Virtual Reality Headset so we decided to create our own VR worlds.



Autumn 2


Into the Light



This half term we are learning about light; this includes learning about how it travels; different types of light - artificial and natural sources; the risks of sunlight and much, much more! Keep an eye out on our page to see what else we learn about light. 




In Geography, we will be learning about some interesting geographical vocabulary - longitude, latitude, hemisphere,  North, East, South, West, time zones and more. 



We will also be learning about Kumi Yamashita's amazing sculptures using shadows. We can't wait to make our own! 









    Christmas Card Afternoon


This afternoon (15th December) the Juniors have been designing their own Christmas cards to send out to the people that mean a lot to them. They stuck, cut, painted and glittered with the spirit of Christmas. Hopefully one has found its way to you!!



Persuasive Writing- Holiday Brochures

During this half term the Juniors have been looking at persuasive writing. They looked at holiday brochures and broke them down into what headings would need. Here are some of their wonderful brochures to their favourite places. Maybe they will persuade you to visit.

Our Holiday Brochures

Shadow Art!

We have learned about Kumi Yamashita and her shadow art. Then, we have created our own shadow art!


Kumi Yamashita Inspired Art and Design Work

We have been learning about Mutual Respect and Tolerance for others this half term - Here are some of our thoughts and ideas on tolerance!


Margaret Bateson-Hill 

We are lucky enough to have a penpal author! Margaret Bateson-Hill has written many books - she has written a great trilogy called The Dragon Racer! We have started to read The First Flight and are excited to find out what happens! 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Ash Version

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Year 5 and 6 have been practising playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the glockenspiels.

Autumn 1


Let's Cause an Eruption!


During our first half term of the year, we learned all about Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

During this topic, we learned about famous volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Can you remember which ones we learned about?

We also learned about forces - friction, gravity, air resistance and water resistance.

Which force did Isaac Newton discover? 

During this topic, we learned about Jackson Pollock's style of art - Abstract Expressionism. Then, we had a go at painting in this style, I think we got more paint on ourselves than the paper. 

What an exciting topic!