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Infants (20-21)

Welcome to Willow Class!


Welcome to Willow Class! We have a ‘can do’ attitude and love learning in lots of different ways. Our class has children from Reception to Year Two and we all help each other to be happy learners. Our lessons promote our creativity and independence; often learning through investigation and problem solving. 

Down at the Bottom of the Garden

This half term we will be building on last terms learning about plants by exploring the wonderful insects and creatures that live in our gardens.

We will be learning about habitats, food chains, naming insects and being mini beast hunters. We are going to explore how bees make honey and why they are so important to our environment as well as watching caterpillars turn into butterflies. In art this term we will be learning how to draw insects, mix colours, name primary and secondary colours and use Matisse's 'The Snail' as inspiration for our own work. So, get your wellington boots, magnifying glass and lets get ready to explore!

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!

This half term we are going to be using the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to learn about traditional tales and plants. We will be learning the names of plants, similarities and differences between seeds and bulbs as well as investigating what plants need to grow. We will be planting bean seeds and watching them change and grow. Keep popping back to see how they develop. In art, we will be looking at the artist Van Gogh and using his painting of the 'Sunflowers' as a stimulus for our own paintings of flowers. 

We have been learning about Palm Sunday and why Christians have Palm crosses. We made crosses and joined in with a song shouting 'Hosanna' to the King.

Hosanna - Jumping up and Down

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On the Moon!

Our topic for this half term is going to see us blasting into space. We will be learning about the planets, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake as well as exploring Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. We have loved building a space rocket together and reading lots of fantastic space themed stories together. We hope you enjoy looking at some highlights in our photographs below.

Amazing Lego planets!

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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We have had a great start to the year learning about out wonderful bodies, how to keep them healthy and exploring our environment using our senses. We have tasted foods and explored the wonders of autumn writing some great poems.

Food, Glorious Food!


Take a look at our photos from all our hard work this half term. We've done everything from fruit tasting, sandwich making to making our party decorations! Of course we ended our topic on a high with our very successful tea party! Thank you for the adults who were able to attend. 

Stay Safe with Thomas!


Willow class took part in a live read of 'Stay Safe with Thomas'. The children heard and followed the story which was even read by a real train engineer. We learnt how to stay safe near railway tracks - ask us to test our knowledge! Then we took part in quiz alongside all the other schools watching from around the UK. Matlock Bath came 2nd - well done Willow Class! We even got a shout out from Network Rail, we were all very excited (have a look at the picture!) 

Stay Safe with Thomas!

Willow Class visited Cromford Mill as part of our topic 'Marvellous Matlock Bath'. We became mill workers for the day and were put to work! The children signed their contracts agreeing to work and then we learnt to card cotton. It's harder than it looks! After a well deserved lunch, we went for a walk around Cromford Mill and the village. Dressed as workers we saw the houses where they would have lived and the allotment where their vegetables would grow. We even got to see 'the lock up' where children would go if they didn't make the right choice... 


A fun-filled day had by all!

Valentine's Treats-Homemade with Love❤️

The Time Machine

This half term we are travelling through time to find out about famous explorers, exciting events and what childhood was like in the past. The children have been super researchers so far and today we even had some special visitors in school to talk about their school experiences and childhoods. We are excited to share what we learnt and also to talk about the objects and questionnaires that families have very kindly shared from home. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped!


Here are some pictures from today's interviews...

Jayson's poem recital!

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Sparkle and Shine!

In our topic this half term we have enjoyed learning about different celebrations from around the World. We have acted out traditional stories; produced wonderful artwork; written poetry; made sweets and even danced! Who knows what we will find out about in the final three weeks?...

Number lines in Magic Maths!

Autumn 1 'Who's been eating my porridge?'


In Willow Class this half term we are enjoying exploring traditional tales. We are developing our love of reading and writing skills to write our own, fun-filled version of a traditional tale. Also in our topic sessions we have been learning about moving pictures and their mechanisms. We can't wait to apply this new learning to design and make our own moving picture for part of a traditional tale.

Families are welcome to join us  at the beginning of our school day until 9:15am on 24/10/18 to share the finished outcomes! 

See  below photos of some of the mechanisms we've practiced making so far....





Sometimes the older children come to help us in our classroom! We made some Challah bread when we were learning about Shabbat and Judaism.

Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork for Father's Day

Dance Festival

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I was incredibly proud of the fantastic performance Willow Class gave in front of a huge audience at Anthony Gell! The children worked hard to learn, practice and perform a routine which the lovely Mrs Forrester from Anthony Gell taught them. It was so nice to see the children not only enjoying their performance, but also watching dances from other children, all the way up to year 11. Once again their enthusiasm was fabulous- well done!
Here is a video of the rehearsal...


A Day in the Life of a Mill Worker


Willow Class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Cromford Mills where they played the parts of child mill workers. They were super stars; getting stuck into the activities and impressing the adults with their beautiful manners and hard work. 


Thank you to all the staff at Cromford Mill as well as Mrs Gostick and Mr Holt for all your help and enthusiasm.


Take a look at some of the action from a thoroughly enjoyable day...


OUTDOOR PAINTING FUN! Willow Class had a fabulous time changing colour tints and using natural materials in their paintings. They took advantantage of the wet paving stones to help them blend, leaving a beautiful effect. What messy fun! A big thank you to Mrs Gostick for your creativity and organisation.

We got out and about in Matlock Bath to find out more about our local area...

Willow Class meet Wilson!

Cooking with ingredients from our garden

Searching for minibeasts

Animal Aboriginal Art