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Spring and Summer 2019


Spring is the perfect time to ask big questions about the living things in our world! 


  • Why doesn't Mrs Pearson have to mow the lawn in the Winter time? 
  • Why are lots of animals born in the Spring? 
  • What are flowers for (apart from Mothers' Day on the 31st March - don't forget!)?
  • Why don't the organisms in one species all look the same? 


This term we will be finding some of the answers to these questions as we learn about living things and their processes in science lessons.

We'll start by observing, collecting and categorising some of the living things we can find in our school grounds, and considering their life cycles and habitats. We'll devise some tests to answer some of our questions and think about how to organise and present the information we collect. 


Check our some of the links below to find out more!