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Here at Matlock Bath Holy Trinity Primary School, we are very lucky to have such amazing outdoor spaces. The main part of our outdoor area is the playground which is situated on the lower level of our grounds. Boarding the playground, there is 'the terrace' where the children love to explore, seeing what they can find hidden under logs and stones, and also examining the plants that grow in our grounds. Our outdoor space also boasts the MUGA ( Multi Use Games Area) which the children use to play football, basketball, hockey and even volley ball. For the younger members of our school, the playground also has a mud kitchen where they can create and concoct marvellous muddy treats.


     One thing you will notice about our grounds as well is that we have a lot of trees! The trees offer the children plenty of shade in the summer months and during Autumn, when the season is changing, the children enjoy watching the leaves change colour and build leaf piles when they fall off.

The outdoor spaces we have are not just recreational spaces though. Throughout the year, we strive to take the pupils learning out of the classroom and into the grounds where they can use all the natural resources we have to enhance subjects such as Maths, English and Science. 

Our Outdoor Space - click on the clip to take a tour!

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