Imagine, Believe, Achieve

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This year, we are becoming Google Internet Legends, acquiring and applying the skills to be Internet sharp, be Internet kind, be Internet alert, be Internet secure and be Internet brave! 


We we use chrome books and iPads most days at school, in all areas of the curriculum, but also when learning specific things about digital literacy, information technology, algorithms and programming and how to keep being safe. 


We we love improving our typing skills in TypingClub and being Rock Star mathematicians when using TimesTables Rockstars! We also love collaborating with our friends to create work together in real time using GoogleDocs and GoogleSlides. We have Crumble kits that we use with our old netbooks in order to program and run different algorithms and control different outputs, such as lights, buzzers and motors! We also have 'unplugged' lessons to explore the concepts behind our growing computing knowledge, for example, to understand what 'abstraction' or 'decomposition' mean!