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Have you read The Jungle Book, written over 100 years ago? have you seen both of the films? What can you find out about Rudyard Kipling? Do you like his poetry or verse?

What sorts of adventure stories do you like? Have you ever tried writing one? We are starting this year with these questions! 


Using the idea of similar narrative journeys (there are nine types that we are exploring), we look at how we can, as fiction writers, entertain, provoke and perhaps manipulate our reader by controlling the language and events in a 'Defeating the Enemy' tale set in a jungle. We regularly read and share our writing, offering each other advice and support as we edit and improve. We love collaborating together on shared documents via our Chromebooks - it's great fun! 


We have a daily spelling, punctuation and grammar lesson (SPaG) which might be stand-alone, or embedded within our work as readers and writers. 


Watch this space to read our fantastic work!